wire! bend it. twist, hammer, wrap it. put some beads on it, connect, coil it. wear it.
the wiry art of creating jewelry. the artful wire art of jewelry.
the art and soul of creating. wire entwines. art and wire soul...

26 October 2011

the many textures of wire

Three pieces, three textures

One thing i really love about working with wire is the variety of textures that can be gotten by using different techniques. This idea was a big part of the thinking behind The Art of Wire.
These three pieces show three different results because of the techniques used to make them. The cuff at the left is rustic-looking with loosely twisted wires and uneven wraps. It's an early piece and was an experiment in working with twisted wire and wrapping. It seems to have an innocent kind of rustic appeal. The other two pieces are in the book- they show the textures gotten from hammering wire and using fine wire in dowel knitting.