wire! bend it. twist, hammer, wrap it. put some beads on it, connect, coil it. wear it.
the wiry art of creating jewelry. the artful wire art of jewelry.
the art and soul of creating. wire entwines. art and wire soul...

26 October 2011

heartstones bracelet

Heartstones bracelet with Autumn Jasper beads
The Heartstones bracelet is one of the freebies mentioned in the column over to the side of this page. There were too many projects for the book so f+w media graciously offered to present them as free bonuses to readers. A welcome idea as some of us might like free stuff...!  
Do you like the Autumn Jasper stones in this? This stone has the gorgeous colors of fall: mossy greens, appley reds, and there's some beigey-ness going on in there too. Semi-precious beads are natural stones (unless they have been dyed). There are a very many types, and some very beautiful ones. Wonderful to put into jewelry because they seem to go with anything. I love working with them. 
Earring of heart beads links
Will you make some earrings to go with the bracelet? Maybe a simple wrapped drop with a coil underneath? Or a loop and a heart and another loop and another heart and another... oh, you get it. And maybe add an apple-red bead to highlight the reds. Or two. Mmm, so many options...