wire! bend it. twist, hammer, wrap it. put some beads on it, connect, coil it. wear it.
the wiry art of creating jewelry. the artful wire art of jewelry.
the art and soul of creating. wire entwines. art and wire soul...

03 January 2013

earrings366-an earrings reference for the wire artist

This blog has served it's purpose, so I'm abandoning it (for now?). It'll be left here so please enjoy browsing my collection of 2012 earrings whenever you like. Bookmark this site in case you'd like to revisit.

To reference all of the earrings, click on "earrings366" in the righthand column. 

I've had a wonderful time creating all of these earrings and I hope they provide inspiration for your own wiry creations. 

Thank you for visiting!