wire! bend it. twist, hammer, wrap it. put some beads on it, connect, coil it. wear it.
the wiry art of creating jewelry. the artful wire art of jewelry.
the art and soul of creating. wire entwines. art and wire soul...

31 December 2011

an earring a day

Would it be fun to have a different pair of earrings for each and every day of the year? This was a thought one day. And then I wondered, what would it be like to actually design an earring a day for a year? I had to think about that.  
Maybe a little wacky, and somewhat of a time committment, but, on the other hand a year-long opportunity to play with wire techniques and designs to make little pieces of art (I sometimes think of an earring design as sculpture in miniature). Irresistable, as creative opportunities usually are for me. An idea too good to waste. I decided to go with it.
This is a leap year. Because of that i'll be designing all of 366 earrings this year; one a day, and each one different. 366 unique earring designs. I’ve already sketched some ideas into my notebook and have worked up a few designs. It’s looking good- so far! 
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